Our story is simple. To get you the best deal with the minimal amount of effort humanly possible.


One day, the two of us were chilling out at home when we decided that it would be really nice to get a massage. We did what everyone does - we did a Yelp search, Google search, read reviews, and then called about 5 different places, made an appointment, and got that massage.

But man, that took 21 minutes to search, call around, and finally find a place to go!

We thought, what if there was a way to let all the massage places near us know that we wanted to get a massage RIGHT NOW, and WITHOUT having to search and call around? 

That's when we thought it might be cool to let people broadcast what they want (not just massages) to people who can give it to them, and have a quick, anonymous text conversation about what they want. 

We've finally started to make this happen, right here in Santa Monica, CA. 

Our mission is to make it easy for people who are looking for basic services for your home, auto, or yourself to be able to find the best possible deal through PERSONAL interaction. In this age of everyone having access to all sorts of different information, we feel that people have lost the personal touch and yearn for it, especially with everyday things. We want to deliver just the right level of that to get you what you want, anonymously and FAST - no more, no less. 

It's small talk.... for BIG deals.