They say that you should be passionate about what you do-- but more, follow your passion in life. 

So, if I was going to do that, I should be a musician (drummer/pianist) on international tour for half the year, and the other half doing shows where I live, in Los Angeles. I'd be doing some kind of philanthropic work to help people out in need whether it's feeding the homeless in a soup kitchen, building or painting urban housing, or helping with disaster aid efforts. 

But, I'm not doing that with my life quite yet. 

I work a 9-5, and try to make this startup work in the evenings and weekends. In my past I've done other things in my free time, like bartending/waiting tables at a sushi restaurant, been in a corporate rock band, and enjoy my social life. It's actually quite selfish, admittedly. 

But none of these things are what my passion is, but they keep the lights on. 

I was warned not to make my passion my vocation by my old sushi boss, because I'd get tired or bored of it after awhile. While I agree to a degree, I think it's totally possible to be passionate about something that is not necessarily your passion- but somehow tie it in. 

I guess I'm still trying to figure it out.


AuthorPeter Hwang

Most of my days I'm sitting in front of my desk typing, clicking, and tapping away staring at a screen, whether it's a computer, phone, or tablet.  Working, playing, socializing - I'm glued to my monitors.  With bulk of my time spent sitting on my butt, I find myself rapidly deteriorating health and fitness-wise.  I can't fit into most of my pants and I can no longer "tuck in" to hide my belly.  Aaargh!!!  Something must be done!!

Luckily, with the new year just around the corner, I get to press the yearly reset button and give it another go.  I'M GOING TO LOSE 10 lbs!!  Target weight is 170 and the initial plan is simple so I don't over complicate things and get discouraged after 2 days and give up. 


  • Work out at least 2 hour a day (40% weight / 60% cardio)
  • Drink lots of water (I drink too many cups of coffee.. will try to replace with water)
  • Cut down on the rice (Must I?? Really?? yes...)
  • Get 8 hours of sleep (easier said than done.. why??)

That's basically how I'm going to start out for next couple of weeks.  Once above 4 things become a pattern, I might add few more work out/dieting plans to make it bit more interesting and challenging.  And, with that, I'm going to start my work out right now!!  

AuthorPeter Jang

a few years ago, a friend warned me, "Peter, don't even THINK about moving to Santa Monica. You will regret it!"

i naturally asked, "why's that?" I had been living far away in Thousand Oaks at the time. 

"Because my friend, once you move here, you will NEVER leave."  

I considered his Hotel California-like advice for about 5 seconds. It was 2008 when I made that fateful decision to get outta dodge and make my inroads to the beach- Santa Monica beach!  I've now been living here for 5 fun, fulfilling, healthy, and just simply awesome years! My friend was right, I can never leave. 

Santa Monica is always changing, always evolving- and anyone who visits can feel the youthful vibrance alive in the air. 

anyone who has met me knows I'm a dog, so I decided to name myself the Sandy Mongrel!

my personal mission is simple- to give you the inside scoop on what i know from living right here in Santa Monica. 

AuthorPeter Hwang