After almost a year and a half of going back and forth from the drawing board, I'm happy and proud to say we've finally launched PLADDOW version 1.0! 

We've already found a few bugs and are fixing as we go. 

It hasn't even been a week yet, and there already a bunch of businesses in the system. We're actively scouting out and getting the word out to all the businesses that can benefit from the app in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, and San Diego. I guess this is the classic chicken-and-egg challenge -- but we're committed to making it happen for you! 


Last night, I got a chance to talk with the bartender and manager at Warsawa restaurant, a really cool Polish restaurant & bar right here in Santa Monica on Lincoln Blvd. When I asked them what their top 3 business problems were, they said that one of the things they wanted to do was to cut some of their bottom line-- and specifically, with advertising. They said it was too expensive, and they were looking for creative ways to bring in new business. Sure, it was a Tuesday night and pretty empty in the back bar, but I've seen the place packed before for events. 

So I introduced them to PLADDOW, and they were all about it! They are the first business we've talked to about a cool new idea we're going to test around the app. Basically, we're going to go to about 20 bars, clubs, and restaurants in Santa Monica in the next few days and have this same conversation-- the only difference is that we will ask all of these places to put in "GNO" as a keyword in the app (Girl's Night Out!). 

When we've got the 20 places in, we'll let you all know! The idea is that when you go into PLADDOW, if you're looking for a fun girl's night out, just put in GNO and see what happens! 

In this experiment, we'll see how many of the bars, clubs, restaurants jump on it and get back to you, and give you the inside track. You can ask questions in real time, like, "can you cut us a deal?" or "how crowded is it right now?" or "can you get a group of 5 girls in at 8pm?" - you get the picture. YOU'RE in control! 

More to come - but if you haven't already, download PLADDOW and check it out- ESPECIALLY if you're a business that wants to take advantage of it - for FREE. 

Enjoy, and let us know what you like, hate, or want to see in the app at any time!

AuthorPeter Hwang