What's in a name? 

The Urban Dictionary says the definition of a similar word, "bladow" is as follows: 

when you know you just did something completely amazing OR got something SO right.... and you want everyone to know about it. you're the shit and basically, thats all there is to it.

"I just got a hole-in-one...bladow!" 

"uhh no Jack, the capital of Washington is NOT BRAZIL. Its Olympia. BLADOW.

An onomatopoeic word. An explosive sound. Used to express excitement or dominance.

When my favorite football team scored that touchdown, I jumped up and yelled "BLADOW, sucka!"

How we came up with PLADDOW however, is after a series of coffee, beer, and coming up with all sorts of oddball names. We found firsthand just how hard it is to come up a name! Something that means nothing, but CAN mean something-  something that can sound cool (we hope) that rolls off the tongue with finesse. 

We also remembered the old song by Busta Rhymes - Bladow!! and wanted to pay tribute. 

Herein is the genesis of our mobile app's name, PLADDOW! (how you like me now!?) 


AuthorPeter Hwang