a few years ago, a friend warned me, "Peter, don't even THINK about moving to Santa Monica. You will regret it!"

i naturally asked, "why's that?" I had been living far away in Thousand Oaks at the time. 

"Because my friend, once you move here, you will NEVER leave."  

I considered his Hotel California-like advice for about 5 seconds. It was 2008 when I made that fateful decision to get outta dodge and make my inroads to the beach- Santa Monica beach!  I've now been living here for 5 fun, fulfilling, healthy, and just simply awesome years! My friend was right, I can never leave. 

Santa Monica is always changing, always evolving- and anyone who visits can feel the youthful vibrance alive in the air. 

anyone who has met me knows I'm a dog, so I decided to name myself the Sandy Mongrel!

my personal mission is simple- to give you the inside scoop on what i know from living right here in Santa Monica. 

AuthorPeter Hwang